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How Long Are The Tours?

Each tour is approximately 2 hours in length.

Are These Riding Or Walking Tours?

All of the tours that we offer are walking tours. The French Quarter is made for walking, as you have probably already realized. Most times you can walk to your destination much faster that you could ever drive there. Also, walking tours allow us to point out unique and interesting things along the way that really give the taste of the real cultural flavor along the way.

What Is The Distance Walked?

The approximate distance walked on each tour is 1 mile.

Who Will Be Our Tour Guide?

Here at The Voodoo Bone Lady Tours we have a number of highly qualified tour guides waiting to serve you. All of our tour guides are licensed by the City of New Orleans. They have undergone federal background checks, drug testing and have passed rigorous history tests administered by the city. And, that's just the beginning! The next step was they had to become Voodoo Bone Lady approved, and that is certainly no easy task! Only a very small percentage of prospective tour guides meet our best in class standards and become guides with us. So, whether you get the Voodoo Bone Lady herself or another of our guides, rest assured, knowing that your tour guide will be professional, courteous, knowledgeable and fun! We only work with the best tour guides in New Orleans. In the off chance that any part of your experience is not 5 star then please contact us right away so we can make it right. We are dedicated to customer service and unmatched hospitality! We look forward to hosting you!.

Where do the tours meet.?

All of our tours meet at 701 Royal St, New Orleans, LA. This is a very easy to find location right at the corner of Royal and St Peter Streets, one of the busiest corners in French Quarter, right outside of the Rouse's Market. Please line up along the St Peter Street side of the building and your tour guide will meet you there. Your tour guide will be carrying a sign or badge that indicates he/she is a representative of "Voodoo Bone Lady Tours". Do not be confused by imposters! We are the only company that legitimately meets on that corner. Reservations Required. ARRIVE AT LEAST 15 MINUTES EARLY! THE TOURS DEPART ON TIME! DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND!

Where Do The Tours Meet?

Well it’s quite possible! From our experience paranormal activity is very common in certain highly haunted areas so we strongly advise you to bring a camera to capture anything that may appear!!

Does the Voodoo Bone Lay Lead the tours herself?

That is a decision that you have to make. We have had many, many families that have enjoyed our tours. The subject matter can sometimes recount gruesome historical events but I wouldn’t say it is any scarier than a horror movie, certain comic books or the video games out these days. Most of the children that come our tours love it and many times encourage their parents to take the tour AGAIN before they leave because had so much FUN!

What Is The Best Way To Purchase A Ticket?

The absolute best and cheapest way to purchase a ticket is through this website or by calling 504-267-2040. Although our tours also available through our authorized booking partners.

I Want To Take More Than One Tour Can I Get A Discount?

Yes there is a discount if you book all three of our tours in one booking. There is no discount for 2 tours of if you take one tour and then decide you want to take an additional tour after the fact. Discounts are only applied if you book all three tours in one sale.

I Have A Big Group Of People. Can You Accommodate The Group?

Sure!!! We loooove BIG groups! The more the merrier! If you are booking tours for a large group that must be done directly through us by calling 504-267-2040. We can book from 10-1000 talk to us. Your group will be thrilled!!!

What Happens If It Rains?

Tours Depart Rain Or Shine. In New Orleans some months it rains almost everyday. If we ran in every time it started to sprinkle, we would never get anything accomplished! Usually it only rains for a little while and then stops, but you can never tell. Bring an umbrella or poncho if you think you might need it.

Does The Voodoo Bone Lady Go Out On Tours Herself?

Many times she does, however, there are no set dates that she is guaranteed to be there, as she is out of the country sometimes on business. However, when she is in town, usually she will stop by either at the beginning or end of the tour to greet participants and take pics. The Voodoo Bone Lady loves her fans and she looks forward to possibly meeting YOU too!

What Make Your Tours Better Than The Rest?

Using her World-Renowned Intuitive & Empathic Talents, The Voodoo Bone Lady has spent YEARS visiting and surveying haunted sites to devise a Master Tour that is second to none. We believe that The Voodoo Bone Lady Haunted Tours are fun, informative and in a class of their own. The proof is in the pudding, come join us!

Are there any refunds if I am unable to make the tour?

There are no refunds or rescheduling for any tours. Please schedule accordingly.

Can I return a spiritual product I purchased if I didn’t use it?

No, there are no returns or refunds on Spiritual Products, Love Potions, Etc whatsoever.